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Business Transactions

- A Good Business Plan - Acquiring Financing, or Venture Capital

- Business Record Retention Policy - When a Business Can Destroy Records

- Buying A California Business? Here is a Legal Guide of Things to Look For and Do

- Buying or Selling a Business? You'll Need to Prepare a Stock or Asset Purchase Agreement

- California Law on Loans, Notes, Interest and Usury. Are You Charging An Illegal Interest Rate on a Loan or Promissory Note?

- Cashing A Check Marked Paid In Full

- Closing Down a Business Without Declaring Bankruptcy

- Exit Strategies For Small Business Owners - How to Get Out of a Bad Business

- How To Get A California Seller's Permit For Your California Business

- How to Get a DBA ( Fictitious Business Name ) and when you need to file a DBA in California

- How To Get A Federal Taxpayer Identification Number (EIN) for a California Business

- How To Set Up Payroll for a California Business - Form DE-1

- Primer on Trade Secrets

- Promissory Notes and Loans

- Standard Contract Terms For Every Sales Contract and Purchase Order

- Step By Step Guide To Starting A New Business in California

- Unsigned Contracts, like Oral Contracts, Can Be Binding in the U.S. and the U.K.

- What Businesses Should Do If Personal Information Is Stolen or Compromised By A Data Security Breach

- Writing a Business Plan, Part I - Executive Summary

- Writing a Business Plan, Part II - Your Business Description

- Writing a Business Plan, Part III - Management Team

- Writing a Business Plan, Part IV - The Market

- Writing a Business Plan, Part V - Development and Production

- Writing a Business Plan, Part VI - Sales and Marketing

- Writing a Business Plan, Part VII - Financials


- A California Corporation Provides Asset Protection, But It Can Be Lost - Piercing the Corporate Veil

- Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Buy-Sell Agreements

- Buy-Sell Agreement for Shareholders of a California Corporation Explained

- California Attorney Provides Low Cost Monthly Legal Plans For the Small Business Owner

- California Professional Corporations for Doctors Physicians MDs Dentists Chiroprators

- California S Corporation or California Limited Liability Company ( LLC ) ? Which is Better?

- Corporate Clean Up

- Don't Forget To Update Your Corporate Minutes and Record Book

- How To Change The Name of a California Corporation or LLC - Amend Your Articles

- How To Dissolve a California Corporation, and Close Down Your Business

- How to Get a Certificate of Status (Certificate of Good Standing) for a California Corporation or LLC

- How to Hold and Document a California Corporation's Shareholder and Director Meetings and Minutes

- How To Reinstate or Revive a Forfeited Corporation in California?

- Is a Nevada Corporation Right For You?

- My California Corporation is Suspended. How Can I Revive my Suspended California Corporation?

- New California Corporation Meeting and Minute Annual Service - Just $999

- Should I Form a California Corporation or Incorporate my Business?

- Should I Form a California S - Corporation or a California C - Corporation

- Statement of Information Must Be Filed Annually by Every California Corporation & Biennually by Every LLC

- Step by Step Guide On How to Incorporate a California Business - Form a California Corporation or S-Corp

- Why You May Need a California Pre-Incorporation Agreement, or Founders Agreement, before You Form a California Corporation, LLC or Partnership

Employment Law

- $129* Telephone Consultation with Attorney Melissa Marsh

- 5 Most Common Hiring Mistakes Made By California Employers

- Are Unpaid Internships Legal In California? Probably Not!

- Ask the IRS to Decide if a Worker is an Independent Contractor or Employee

- At Will Employment. Check Your Employee Offer Letters, Contracts and Policies

- California Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

- California Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act

- California Law on Age Discrimination in the Employment Setting

- California Law on Paying Salespeople Their Expenses, Overtime and Commission

- California Overtime Laws MAY Extend To Out-Of-State Employers Who Send Employees to California

- California Overtime Pay Laws For Computer Professionals, Programmers and Software Engineers

- California Penalties For Failing To Pay Overtime To Non-Exempt Employees

- California Reporting Requirements For Independent Contractors

- California Requires All Businesses to Report the Hiring of New Employees and Independent Contractors

- California Severance Pay Agreements

- California's Overtime Pay Laws - Who is Exempt From Overtime?

- COBRA Notice and Health Insurance Subsidy For Terminated Employees Extended

- Employee Offer letters and Employment Contracts for California Employers

- Employee Personnel Files and Payroll Records: What To Keep and What to Destroy and When They Can Be Inspected

- Employee Policies and Manuals (Handbooks)

- Employers - Employee E-mail and Text Messages Are Private, Absent an Employee Policy to the Contrary

- Fines and Penalties if California Employees Are Misclassified as Independent Contractors

- Form I-9 Compliance For California Employers

- How To Perform an Employee Background Check in California

- How To Set Up A Telecommuting Policy and Simultaneously Limit Wage and Overtime Claims

- Intra-Company Communications Spawn Employee Defamation Lawsuits

- Letters of Recommendation and Employee References - What California Employers Need To Know

- Mistaking an Employee as an Independent Contractor is Costly in California

- Noncompete Clauses and Noncompetition Agreements in the Employment Setting - Enforceability and Penalties if Illegal

- Partial-Day Absences Should Not Be Deducted From A Salaried Employee's Wages

- Paying California Employees For On-Call Time

- Preventing Sexual Harassment Claims

- Primer on California Wages, Overtime Pay and Employee Benefit Laws

- Retracting A Job Offer May Lead To Liability

- Think Twice Before Inducing A Competitor's Employee To Quit

- Understanding Confidentiality, Nonsolicitation and Noncompete Agreements and Clauses

- Violating California's Paycheck Stub Laws Can Lead To Large Civil Penalties

- Why Some Real Estate Agents Are Employees Not Independent Contractors?

- Wrongful Termination Explained By a Los Angeles, California Employment Law Attorney

Internet-Computer Law

- Application Outsourcing - ASP Contracts

- Avoiding State And Federal Anti-Spam Legislation

- California's Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003 (OPPA)

- Does Your Internet Shipping Policy Comply With The Federal Mail and Telephone Order Merchandising Rule?

- Insurance Coverage For Internet, Intellectual Property, and Technology Related Risks

- Legal Risks Associated With Doing Business On The Internet

- Online Sweepstakes Promotion Or Illegal Lottery?

- Starting An Online or Web Based Business - Legal Issues To Consider

- Website Development and Hosting Agreements

- Website Terms And Conditions Of Use Should Be 'Prominently Displayed'

- Website Terms of Use Should Be Prominently Displayed

- What You Should Do If You Become a Victim of Identity Theft

- Your Customers, Trademark, and Website, and Their Metatags


- 60 Days Notice To Vacate or Terminate Required

- Allowable Rent Increases Under the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Act (RSO)

- Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About California Landlord Tenant Laws

- Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) - Evictions, Rent Increases, Relocation Assistance Fees

- CA Residential 3 - 15 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit - Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Section 8 Compliant

- California Law Regarding Tenant Security Deposits

- California Tenant Protections Act (AB 1482) - CA State Rent Control and Relocation Assistance

- COVID 19 Los Angeles Residential Tenant Evictions and Rent Increases

- Culver City Rent Control and Relocation Assistance

- Culver City Tenant Protections - Evictions, Rent Increases, Relocation Assistance, Tenant Buyout Agreements, and Anti Harassment

- Evicting Unwanted House Guest or Roommate in California or Terminating a Tenancy At Will

- Family Day Care in a California Rental Unit

- Getting your Costs and Attorneys Fees in a California Unlawful Detainer Case

- Glendale Rent Stabilization Ordinance and Relocation Assistance effective April 1, 2019

- Inglewood Housing Protection Ordinance

- LA City Tenant Anti Harassment

- Long Beach Relocation Assistance

- Los Angeles California Evictions During Covid 19 - AB 3088

- Los Angeles California Landlord Tenant Eviction Guide

- Los Angeles City and County Tenant Evictions and Rent Increase After May 2022

- Pasadena Relocation Assistance

- Rent Increases in Los Angeles California

- Rules of the Road For Landlords in Los Angeles California

- Rules of the Road For Landlords in Los Angeles California

- Sample Letter Demanding Return of Security Deposit

- Tenant Rights in Foreclosure - Los Angeles California Updated For 2012

- When Los Angeles Tenants Are Entitled to Relocation Assistance

Limited Liability Company

- Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About the California Limited Liability Company (LLC)

- California Business and LLC Attorney Answers FAQs about a California LLC Operating Agreement

- How To Dissolve a California Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Close Down Your Business

- Is a California LLC or Living Trust Better For Asset Protection?

- LLC Annual Compliance Plan - Just $399 Annual Fee (Includes Unlimited* Telephone Calls)

- My California LLC is 'Suspended'- How Can I Revive or Reinstate my Suspended California LLC?

- Step By Step Guide on How To Form A California Limited Liability Company ( LLC )

- Three Tax Reasons a California Corporation, and NOT an LLC, Should Be Used to Operate a Business

- Want to Dissolve a California Limited Liability Company (LLC), and Close Down Your Business?

- Why a California LLC Should be Used to Hold Title to Real Estate Investment Property (Rentals)

- Why A Well Written Attorney Prepared California LLC Operating Agreement is Essential


- Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About California General Partnerships

- Step By Step Guide on How to Form a General Partnership

- Think Twice Before Forming A California Partnership - Form A California Corporation or LLC Instead

- Want to Dissolve a California Partnership, and Close Down Your Business?

- What a Well Written Partnership Agreement Should Include

Real Estate Law

- Answers to FAQs about Condos, CC&Rs, HOAs and California Law

- Boundary Line Disputes - Encroachments - Fences & Trees Oh My!

- California Commercial Lease Agreements - Traps For the Unwary Tenant and Landlord

- California Contractors - Mechanics Liens or Prejudgment Liens - Which is Better?

- California Short Sale Laws and Anti Deficiency Protection

- Checklist For Buying a California Home

- Checklist For Buying a Condominium in California

- Do You Really Need an Attorney When Buying or Selling a Home?

- How To Get A Property Through Adverse Possession in California

- How To Lower Your Los Angeles Real Property Tax Bill - Get a Reassessment

- Loan Modifications - Do You Qualify?

- New 2009 Home Buyer Tax Credits

- Selling a Home with Proposition 13 Tax Relief - Propositions 60 & 90

- When Two People Own Property, But One Person Doesn't Want to Sell - Suit for Partition

- Why Investment Properties (Rentals) Should Be Placed In California LLCs

- Your Neighbor's Fences and Trees - Are They A Nuisance?

Trademark & Copyright

- Advantages Of Copyright Registration

- Basic Facts About Trademarks

- Copyright Registration Procedures

- How To Select A Strong Company Name Or Product Name

- Primer on the Intellectual Property License

- Protect Your Copyrights - Register Them Promptly

- The Madrid Protocol and International Trademark Applications

- Using Pre-Sales Activity To Establish Trademark Rights

- Why Generic Non-Disclosure Agreements Don't Work

- Why You Should Duly Record Your Trademark With U.S. Customs

Wills & Trusts
Coming Soon!

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Located in Los Angeles, California, the Law Office of Melissa C. Marsh handles business law and corporation law matters as a lawyer for clients throughout Los Angeles including Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Valley Village, North Hollywood, Woodland Hills, Hollywood, West LA as well as Riverside County, San Fernando, Ventura County, and Santa Clarita. Attorney Melissa C. Marsh has considerable experience handling business matters both nationally and internationally. We routinely assist our clients with incorporation, forming a California corporation, forming a California llc, partnership, annual minutes, shareholder meetings, director meetings, getting a taxpayer ID number (EIN), buying a business, selling a business, commercial lease review, employee disputes, independent contractors, construction, and personal matters such as preparing a will, living trust, power of attorney, health care directive, and more.