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Long Beach Relocation Assistance

Prepared By: Melissa C. Marsh, Los Angeles Landlord-Tenant Attorney
Written: September 2019

Long Beach Tenants Entitled to Relocation Assistance if Landlord Issues Rent Increase Above 10%

Effective August 1, 2019, Long Beach renters in multi unit dwellings with 5 or more units built before February 1, 1985 will be entitled to Relocation Assistance when:

  1. Landlord issues a rent increases of 10 percent or more in a 12-month period; OR
  2. Landlord issues a notice to vacate in order to rehabilitate the unit; OR
  3. Landlord issues an eviction notice when the Tenant is in Good Standing-- has lived in the unit for more than one year, is current on the rent, and has not damaged the unit, interfered with other tenants, or used the property for an illegal purpose.

A Landlord will not be required to pay a Long Beach tenant relocation assistance if:

  1. A landlord owns only one building of exactly four units in the City of Long Beach; OR
  2. A landlord occupies a unit in the building as their primary residence; OR
  3. A landlord issues a notice to vacate for they or an immediate family member to occupy the vacant unit; OR
  4. A landlord is recovering possession of the rental unit to comply with a government order to vacate due to natural disaster; OR
  5. The unit is an income-restricted affordable housing unit; OR
  6. The unit was built after February 1, 1995.

The Amount of Relocation Assistance Varies up to $4500.

Relocation payments are required to be equal to two times the citywide average small-area fair market rents published annually by the Housing Authority of the City of Long Beach, up to a maximum of $4,500 (based on bedroom size). At Present, the amounts are as follows:

Long Beach Relocation Assistance
Studio 1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3+ Bedrooms
$2,706 $3,325 $4,185 $4,500

When the Relocation Assistance Must Be Paid to a Long Beach Tenant?

If a Landlord in Long Beach issues a rent increase that exceeds 10% in a calendar year, then the landlord must pay a Long Beach tenant their relocation assistance payment if the tenant notifies the landlord within 14 days of receiving the rental increase notice of their intent to stay in the Long Beach rental unit at the increased rental rate or their intent to vacate.

If tenant does not notify landlord that they will remain in the Long Beach rental unit within 14 days of their receipt of the rental increase notice, then the tenant must vacate the unit and the landlord must pay one-half of the required relocation assistance within 24 days of the receipt of the initial notice by the tenant, and the remaining half of the relocation assistance within five days after the tenant moves out.

If the relocation payment is required due to landlord terminating tenancy due to landlord’s rehabilitation of the tenant’s unit, or in the case of a tenant in good standing being given a notice of non-renewal of their Lease or a notice to vacate by the landlord, the landlord must pay the Long Beach tenant half the required relocation assistance within 10 days of serving the notice to quit or non-renewal, and the remaining half of the required relocation assistance within five days of the tenant vacating the Long Beach rental unit.

Required Long Beach Landlord Disclosures, Notices and Forms

  1. Landlord Notice To City Of Intent To Vacate Entire Building.
  2. Landlord Notice To City Of Payment Of Relocation Assistance.
  3. Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance {LBMC 8.97] – Notice To Tenants.

If you would like to have Melissa Marsh, a Los Angeles, California landlord-tenant attorney with over 20 years experience, explain how these new laws may impact you, please schedule a low cost 30 minute Telephone Consultation.

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