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Why You Should Hire Melissa Marsh to Form and Maintain Your California LLC - As Low As $1,299*+Costs

People hire our firm to form, organize and maintain their California limited liability company (LLC) because Melissa Marsh literally wrote the book. Ms. Marsh is the author of a comprehensive limited liability company operating agreement supplied by a major legal publisher to attorneys throughout California. Unlike most attorneys, she does not charge exorbitant fees and she is not copying someone else's form and hoping it will suffice. The fact is most attorneys are litigators (Ms. Marsh is not) and they often provide the same fill-in the blank forms provided by online incorporation service providers. If you peruse this web site you will notice that for 20+ years Ms. Marsh has been a transactional corporate business attorney. That is not to say she won't assist individuals with some administrative hearings (Labor Commissioner, Small Claims, or Arbitration), but what it does mean is that she has nothing to gain by ensuring her clients wind up in costly litigation over something that could have been prevented, or at the very least minimized.

When Ms. Marsh forms a single member California limited liability company (LLC) for $1,299+Costs (sufficient for LLCs owned by a husband and wife or domestic partners) or a multi-member LLC for $1599+Costs she provides a Comprehensive LLC Organization Package that contains everything the member(s) will need to operate the California limited liability company in compliance with California law.

Ms. Marsh's LLC formation package includes the following 16 services with a 7 day turnaround period:

  1. After retention, unlimited free telephone calls with Los Angeles, California business attorney, Melissa C. Marsh, about forming and organizing your California limited liability company (LLC);
  2. Preliminary Name Search and Clearance with the California Secretary of State to ensure the LLC name you have selected is available;
  3. Preparation and filing of custom drafted 2-Page Articles of Organization with the California Secretary of State providing Indemnification of managers in the Articles of Organization, if desired (expedite 7 day turnaround);
  4. Preparation of a transmittal letter to accompany the LLC filing for the Secretary of State;
  5. Preparation of a custom drafted 15-20 Page Operating Agreement for a single member LLC (suitable for an LLC owned by one person, a husband and wife, or domestic partners); or a custom 30-65+ page LLC Operating Agreement for multi-member LLCs (additional fee covers up to two hours of Ms. Marsh's time to amend the Operating Agreement);
  6. Preparation of Spousal Consent Form (if one or more of the members is married, but not envisioned to be a member of the LLC);
  7. Preparation of the Organizational Certificate Of Organizer;
  8. Preparation of Organizational Meeting/Written Consent of the Sole Manager/Member;
  9. Preparation of an investment representation letter for each member of the LLC requesting their membership interest;
  10. Preparation and provision to you of a completed LLC Statement of Information for filing with the Secretary of State;
  11. Online preparation of a completed Notice to the Commissioner of Corporations for you to file online (you will be provided with a user name and password to add you EIN, print the completed Notice, and pay the filing fee);
  12. Preparation and provision to you of a completed IRS Form SS-4 with detailed instructions for you to transmit to the IRS to obtain a Federal Taxpayer ID Number (EIN), which is needed to open a bank account;
  13. Provision of IRS form 8823 and 2553 election by an LLC to be taxed as a corporation, if requested; and
  14. Optional provision of an LLC Record Book with tabs in which to keep all important LLC documents (Additional $100 fee). The Record Book should be acquired to hold all of your LLC organizational documents, and to keep other required notices and documents on file such as: (1) the articles of organization and all amendments; (2) the LLC's Operating Agreement, and any amendments; (3) copies of documents filed with the IRS or state agencies such as a completed SS-4 form, DE-1 Form, Statement of Information, Commissioner's Notice, etc.; (4) an alphabetical list of the full name and last known home address of each member of the LLC and that member's contribution and the share in profits and losses; (5) If the LLC is a manager-managed LLC, a current list of the full name and business or residence address of each manager; (6) a copy of the LLC's financial statements which must be kept for 6 years; (7) a copy of the LLC's federal, state, and local income tax returns, which also must be kept for 6 years; (8) the minutes of any meetings, or written consents, which must be kept for 4 years; and (9) If the LLC owns, or hold's title to any real estate, a copy of business records relevant to the amount, cost, and value of the property it owns, possesses, or controls;
  15. Provision of Attorney's custom-drafted California-specific 10+ page memorandum on operating a California Limited Liability Company that contains a detailed explanation of how to operate your new LLC and to comply with applicable California LLC laws after formation, including how to obtain a federal employer ID number in a 5 10 minute phone call to the IRS, how to open the LLC's bank account, how to comply with California LLC law to reduce the risk that a creditor may pierce the veil and hold the members personally liable for the debts of the LLC, and a detailed discussion of the four possible ways LLCs can be taxed for federal income tax purposes; and
  16. All junk mail solicitations every organizer is deluged with shredded to help preserve your privacy and to avoid identity theft.
The typical turn-a-round time with the state expedite fee is 7 days. 3 days to receive your confirmed Articles of Organization back from the California Secretary of State, and 4 days for Ms. Marsh to prepare your custom LLC Operating Agreement and other organizational documents.

Update: The California Secretary of State is now taking an average of 45 business days to return Articles of Organization, and we now strongly suggest that our clients remit payment of the state expedite fee to the California Secretary of State to reduce the turn-a-round time to 7 days.

The following services are also available at additional cost:
  • California Registered Agent Service ($150)
  • LLC Compliance Plan to ensure legal compliance, including unlimited preparation of LLC resolutions for one year ($399)
  • Transfer of rental, investment, or commercial real estate into the California LLC
  • Assignment of intellectual property rights to the LLC
  • Transfer of a purchased ongoing business, or assets, into the LLC
Table Of Contents - 15-20 Page Single Member LLC Operating Agreement
Table Of Contents - 25-65 Page Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement
You could use an online service provider for a few hundred less and live with standard 1 page Articles of Organization, a standard Operating Agreement, and a simple banking resolution (all of which they may claim is custom simply because it includes your corporation's name, address, and member's personal information), or you could use a licensed California attorney to provide you not only with ALL of the documents you need, but also: (1) a custom prepared Articles of Organization that include indemnification provisions, restrictions on transfer, and provisions regulating the addition of new members, and (2) a custom prepared LLC Operating Agreement that provides a mechanism to reduce the likelihood of disputes and deadlocks among the members.

Why are custom Articles of Organization so important? The Articles of Organization is a public document that puts everyone on notice that the LLC has adopted indemnification provisions, transfer restrictions, and rules for the adoption of new members. When this information is placed in your Articles of Organization, and not just the Operating Agreement, everyone is put on notice that LLC has certain procedures that must be followed.

Why is a custom LLC Operating Agreement bar far the most important document? The LLC Operating Agreement sets forth the business of the LLC, the member(s) rights and duties, and the managers rights and duties, and should provide for detailed rules governing the contribution of capital or property to the LLC. Unlike corporate bylaws, the LLC Operating Agreement can be amended to suit the particular needs of its members, so it is important for the members to cover as much as possible in the Operating Agreement.

Table Of Contents - 15-20 Page Single Member LLC Operating Agreement
Table Of Contents - 25-65 Page Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

Comparison Chart

Although our $1,299 fee for a single member LLC does not include the $85 California Secretary of State filing fees, the fee charged to form a California LLC is substantially less than what most California attorneys charge ($2,500+), and is just around $500 more than an online service, or document preparer. Although their ads claim that forming a California limited liability company is quick and easy and can be done for about $360 plus the state fees ($85), you will notice that they leave you to file much of the paperwork yourself, they do NOT provide you with all of the documents you need, they do not provide any legal advice on how to maintain the LLC or its limited liability protection, and their turn-a-round time is significantly longer.
California Incorporation Services Provided $1,299
Prepared by
Ms. Marsh
Prepared by
Famous Online Service

Turn Around Time

7-10 Days 30+ Days

LLC Preclearance Name Check

LLC Articles of Organization

Custom Attachment to your Articles of Organization Providing For Restrictions on admission of new members, transferring of membership interests, indemnification, and more.


Custom Operating Agreement

Custom Organizational Resolutions


First Meeting of the Members

Fill-In Blank Forms

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

Provide IRS Form 8823 or 2553 to be taxed as a corporation, if requested


Statement of Information Of Members


Commissioner's Notice of Transaction


Letter From Each Member Requesting Membership Interest


Prepared Membership Interest Certificates Ready For Signature


Prepared Membership Interest Ledger


Spousal Consent


10+ Page Memo on State and Local Regulations


Now isn't it better to spend a few extra dollars for some peace of mind. By using a California corporate transactional attorney to form your California LLC you can be assured that all of the necessary paperwork to form and organize your California LLC will be prepared and all of your questions will be properly answered.

Melissa C. Marsh, J.D., is a Los Angeles California business law attorney licensed to practice law in the State of California. For the past 20+ years, Ms. Marsh has formed hundreds of California limited liability companies and corporations, advised the board of directors of a publicly held corporation, and counseled hundreds of small businesses. Her practice is 100% transactional, and she engages in absolutely no litigation. She wrote a chapter on California Limited Liability Companies and provided her Comprehensive Limited Liability Operating Agreement to one of the largest legal publishers for distribution to, and use by, California attorneys. Melissa C. Marsh received her bachelor's degree from UCLA in 1992, where she graduated with honors and her Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles in 1996 where she graduated in the top 2% of her class, Order of the Coif.

Please call Melissa C. Marsh at 818-849-5206 or E-mail if you have questions about forming a California LLC; would like to retain our services to form and organize a new California LLC; or would like to retain us to maintain an existing California LLC you previously formed through someone else.

Disclaimer: The information presented on this web site was prepared by Melissa C. Marsh for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The information provided in my articles and alerts should not be relied upon, or used as a substitute for professional legal advice from an attorney you retain to advise or represent you. Your use of this Internet site does not create an attorney- client relationship. Transmission of this article is not intended to create, and receipt of it does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. All uses of the contents of this site, other than personal uses, are prohibited. You may print or email a copy of any information posted on this web site for your own personal, non-commercial, use, but you may not publish any of the articles or posts on this web site without the Express Written Permission of Melissa C. Marsh.

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Located in Los Angeles, California, the Law Office of Melissa C. Marsh handles business law and corporation law matters as a lawyer for clients throughout Los Angeles including Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Valley Village, North Hollywood, Woodland Hills, Hollywood, West LA as well as Riverside County, San Fernando, Ventura County, and Santa Clarita. Attorney Melissa C. Marsh has considerable experience handling business matters both nationally and internationally. We routinely assist our clients with incorporation, forming a California corporation, forming a California llc, partnership, annual minutes, shareholder meetings, director meetings, getting a taxpayer ID number (EIN), buying a business, selling a business, commercial lease review, employee disputes, independent contractors, construction, and personal matters such as preparing a will, living trust, power of attorney, health care directive, and more.